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** 3/7/2021 - I may have made the last updates to these graphs.  The data source I've been using has stopped collecting data **

I created these COVID-19 graphs that I found interesting.  I plan to make updates on Sunday afternoons.

Per week: Deaths / Hospitalizations /  Positive cases / Positivity Rate 

Positivity rate:  Since March 

  - Total weekly: Since March 
  - Per Capita:   Since March

  - Total weekly:      Since March 
  - Per Capita weekly: Since March 
  - Cumulative:        Total       / Per capita

Positive cases:
  - Total weekly :     Since March 
  - Per capita weekly: Since March 
  - Cumulative:        Total       / Per capita

- Data source:
- I've heard positivity rate is an important statistic.  Some of my co-workers disagree with this, but that is what the medical
  experts say.  Anyway, you can see what states are high vs low and how states are trending.
- Deaths are, of course, important.  Hospitalizations are an indicator of how many people are getting seriously ill.
- Graphs I've seen often give daily statitistics.  That's a lot of data points.  These graphs have a one data point/week.
- Deaths/hopitalization counts easily get skewed toward states with higher populations.  Graphs here have both those counts, 
  but also counts/100,000 people in each state.
- The bar graphs give a quick comparison of all states for the most recent week.

Things you can do on the line graphs:
- Click and drag to zoom in on a portion of the graph
- After zooming, a double-click in the graph will reset
- A single click on a state will include/exclude that state from the graph
- A double click on a state will will reset

State Abbreviations:
AK : Alaska
AL : Alabama
AR : Arkansas
AZ : Arizona
CA : California
CO : Colorado
CT : Connecticut
DC : District of Columbia
DE : Delaware
FL : Florida
GA : Georgia
HI : Hawaii
IA : Iowa
ID : Idaho
IL : Illinois
IN : Indiana
KS : Kansas
KY : Kentucky
LA : Louisiana
MA : Massachusetts
MD : Maryland
ME : Maine
MI : Michigan
MN : Minnesota
MO : Missouri
MS : Mississippi
MT : Montana
NC : North Carolina
ND : North Dakota
NE : Nebraska
NH : New Hampshire
NJ : New Jersey
NM : New Mexico
NV : Nevada
NY : New York
OH : Ohio
OK : Oklahoma
OR : Oregon
PA : Pennsylvania
RI : Rhode Island
SC : South Carolina
SD : South Dakota
TN : Tennessee
TX : Texas
UT : Utah
VA : Virginia
VT : Vermont
WA : Washington
WI : Wisconsin
WV : West Virginia
WY : Wyoming

Last updated: September, 13 2020
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