NCAA : Notes

  1. Putting these pages together has been quite a project.  I will not be surprised to find there are mistakes.
     If you find errors, send me an email at and I will attempt to correct it.

  2. These pages do not reflect championship participation that has been vacated (maybe one day that will be

  3. Championships in sports that are no longer contested are not included (maybe one day that will be included).

  4. There are team pages like the example shown below.  These pages include all (++) games played in championsip
     tournaments for a given school in a given sport over the years.  The below example is Southern California's
     Men's Tennis page.  There are a handful of things to point out about these pages:

     a) Each season is contained in a row and each column contains the opponent for that row.  Some sports have 
        multiple opponents in a given "round".  For example, baseball and softball have Regional/Super Regional
        rounds which are double elimination tournaments.  All games from these rounds are found in the same column.

     b) Winning game/match scores are green.  Losing game/match scores are red.  Ties are black.

     c) The round names in some sports are contrived.  In these cases they reflect the number of rounds it would take
        to get to the championship round.  For example, in 1997 below, there was not a "Round of 128".  The first three
        rounds were a regional tournament.  But, seven rounds would be needed to be won to win the championship and 
        2**7 is 128.

     d) ++ - There are sports (baseball championships from the 1970's for example) where all games are not available.

     e) Consolation rounds (** - Third place below) are abbreviated and offset from round the winner went onto (Championship
        round in the example below).  Below, in 1985, Southern California beat SMU 5-4 in the Third Place match.

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