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Men's Division 2 Golf : Champions : Schools : Streaks

 Year  Teams  Champions       Second Place    Third Place     Fourth Place    Fifth Place   
 2022    20   Lee (TN)        OK Christian    Central MO                      Arkansas Tech 
                                              GA Southwest.                   Barry         
                                                                              CO St-Pueblo  
                                                                              MO-St. Louis  
 2021    16   Arkansas Tech   GA Southwest.   Indianapolis                    Central MO    
                                              West Florida                    Davis & Elkins
                                                                              Lee (TN)      
                                                                              TX A&M-Commrce
 2019    20   Lynn            Lincoln Mem.    FL Southern                     Arkansas Tech 
                                              West Florida                    Barry         
                                                                              CA St Mont Bay
                                                                              Trevecca Naz. 
 2018    20   Lynn            West Florida    Barry                           Arkansas Tech 
                                              FL Southern                     Indianapolis  
                                                                              Lincoln Mem.  
                                                                              St. Leo       
 2017    20   FL Southern     Lynn            Arkansas Tech                   Barry         
                                              West Florida                    Ferris State  
                                                                              Florida Tech  
 2016    20   St. Leo         CS State Chico  FL Southern                     Barry         
                                              Lynn                            Cal Baptist   
                                                                              West Florida  
 2015    20   Nova SE         Lynn            Central MO                      CS State Chico
                                              St. Leo                         FL Southern   
                                                                              Simon Fraser  
                                                                              SC Aiken      
 2014    20   Barry           Nova SE         CS State Chico                  CA St Mont Bay
                                              Malone                          Central MO    
                                                                              Indiana (PA)  
 2013    20   Barry           Lynn            Nova SE                         CA St Mont Bay
                                              Western WA                      FL Southern   
                                                                              MO-St. Louis  
                                                                              SC Aiken      
 2012    20   Nova SE         CS State Chico  CS Stanislaus                   Barry         
                                              Central OK                      Central MO    
                                                                              SC Aiken      
 2011    20   CA St Mont Bay  Lynn            Abilene Chrstn                  Barton        
                                              Central MO                      Central OK    
                                                                              Fort Lewis    
 2010    15   FL Southern     Central MO      CS State Chico  Sonoma State    Barry         
 2009    20   Sonoma State    CS San Bernad.  Columbus State  Barry           GC&SU         
 2008    20   West Florida    North Alabama                   GC&SU           Nova SE       
                              St. Edward's                                                  
 2007    20   Barry           SC Upstate      FL Southern     Columbus State  Washburn      
 2006    20   SC Aiken        Columbus State  CS Bakersfield  Lynn            CS Stanislaus 
 2005    18   SC Aiken        Armstrong Atl.  St. Edward's    CS Bakersfield  Hawaii Hilo   
 2004    18   SC Aiken        CS State Chico  Barry           CS Stanislaus   Barton        
 2003    18   Francis Marion  Rollins         CS Stanislaus   CS Bakersfield  CS State Chico
 2002    18   Rollins         CS Stanislaus   FL Southern     North Alabama   SC Aiken      
 2001    18   West Florida    FL Southern     CS Stanislaus   Rollins         CS Bakersfield
 2000    18   FL Southern     CS Bakersfield                  CS Stanislaus   West Florida  
                              Grand Canyon                                                  
 1999    18   FL Southern     SC Aiken        West Florida    Valdosta State  Columbus State
 1998    18   FL Southern     Columbus State  CS San Bernad.  West Florida    GC&SU         
 1997    18   Columbus State  North Florida   CS San Bernad.                  Abilene Chrstn
 1996    18   FL Southern     SC Aiken        Cameron         CS Stanislaus   North Florida 
 1995    17   FL Southern     SC Aiken        Valdosta State  Rollins         Abilene Chrstn
 1994    17   Columbus State  North Florida   Rollins         FL Southern     SC Aiken      
 1993    17   Abilene Chrstn  Columbus State  FL Southern     CS Stanislaus   SC Aiken      
 1992    16   Columbus State  Troy            FL Southern     Jacksonvlle St  SC Aiken      
 1991    17   FL Southern     Columbus State  Abilene Chrstn  Troy            FL Atlantic   
                                                                              Valdosta State
 1990    17   FL Southern     Columbus State  CS Northridge   Troy            CS Stanislaus 
 1989    17   Columbus State  Valdosta State  CS Northridge   Troy            FL Southern   
 1988    16   Tampa           FL Southern     Columbus State  FL Atlantic     Liberty       
 1987    15   Tampa           Columbus State  Troy            Sacramento St   CS Northridge 
 1986    15   FL Southern     Columbus State  CS Northridge                   Sam Houston St
 1985    16   FL Southern     Steph F Austin  Central CT St                   Sam Houston St
                                              Columbus State                                
 1984    15   Troy            FL Southern     Texas State     Central CT St   Columbus State
 1983    15   Texas State     Troy            Columbus State  FL Southern                   
                                                              Indiana (PA)                  
 1982    11   FL Southern     Texas State     Indiana (PA)    Troy            CS Northridge 
 1981    19   FL Southern     Alliant Intl    CS Northridge                   MN-Duluth     
 1980    19   Columbus State  FL Southern     Nicholls State  Troy            CS Northridge 
 1979    19   UC-Davis        Columbus State                  Troy                          
                              FL Southern                     Wright St                     
 1978    20   Columbus State  Troy            Rollins         CS Northridge   FL Southern   
 1977    19   Troy            Rollins         Edinboro        Cal State LA    AR-Little Rock
                                                                              FL Southern   
 1976    20   Troy            UC-Irvine       CS Northridge   UC-Davis        Delta State   
 1975    21   UC-Irvine       CS Northridge   Rollins         UC-Davis        Columbus State
 1974    31   CS Northridge   UC-Irvine       New Orleans     UC-Riverside    FL Southern   
 1973    27   CS Northridge   South Florida   Rollins         UC-Irvine       UC-Riverside  
 1972    31   New Orleans     South Florida   UC-Riverside    Hobart          Houston Bapt. 
 1971    34   New Orleans     CS Northridge   Rollins         Houston Bapt.   CS State Chico
 1970    36   Rollins         GA Southern     Central MI      UC-Riverside    Youngstown St 
 1969    22   CS Northridge   Rollins         UC-Riverside    Eastern MI                    
                                                              Illinois State                
 1968    20   Lamar           Middle TN St    Austin Peay     Indiana State   Ball State    
 1967    22   Lamar           Murray State    East TN State                   Southern IL   
 1966     7   CS State Chico  Lamar           Portland State  Sacramento St   East TN State 
 1965    11   Middle TN St    Southern IL     Kenyon          Macalester      Lincoln (MO)  
 1964    13   Southern IL     San Diego St    Sacramento St   Missouri State  Murray State  
 1963     6   Missouri State  Aquinas         CS State Chico  Rollins         Worcester PI  
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