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 Year  Teams  Champions       Second Place    Third Place     Fourth Place    Fifth Place   
 2023    53   Adams State     MN St-Mankato   West Texas A&M  Azusa Pacific   Winona St     
 2022    50   MN St-Mankato   Grand Valley    Azusa Pacific                   Adams State   
                                              West Texas A&M                  Pittsburg St  
 2021    48   Grand Valley    MN St-Mankato   West Texas A&M  Central MO      Saginaw Valley
 2019    58   Adams State     Grand Valley    Lincoln (MO)    AK-Anchorage    St Augustine's
 2018    59   West Texas A&M  Western State   Lincoln (MO)    Mary            Adams State   
                                                                              Pittsburg St  
 2017    60   Adams State     Grand Valley    Chadron St      Pittsburg St    West Texas A&M
 2016    53   Lincoln (MO)    Hillsdale       Grand Valley    Lewis                         
                                                              Pittsburg St                  
 2015    57   Central MO      Hillsdale       Ashland                         Lincoln (MO)  
                                              NM Highlands                                  
 2014    54   Adams State     Johnson Smith   Lincoln (MO)    Grand Valley    Ashland       
 2013    52   Academy Art     Lincoln (MO)    Grand Canyon    Grand Valley    Ashland       
 2012    50   Grand Valley    Adams State     Lincoln (MO)    Central MO      Hillsdale     
 2011    50   Grand Valley    Lincoln (MO)    Adams State     New Haven       Nebraska-Omaha
 2010    46   Lincoln (MO)    Ashland                         Nebraska-Omaha  Adams State   
                              Grand Valley                                                  
 2009    50   Lincoln (MO)    Grand Valley    Central MO      Ashland         Nebraska-Omaha
 2008    40   Adams State     St Augustine's  Lincoln (MO)    S IL Edwards.   Ashland       
 2007    42   St Augustine's  Lincoln (MO)    Grand Valley    Abilene Chrstn  Adams State   
 2006    44   Lincoln (MO)    Abilene Chrstn  St Augustine's  Adams State     Grand Valley  
 2005    44   St Augustine's  Abilene Chrstn  Lincoln (MO)    Adams State     Nebraska-Omaha
 2004    42   Lincoln (MO)    Adams State     ND State        Abilene Chrstn  St Augustine's
 2003    34   St Augustine's  Abilene Chrstn  ND State        Lincoln (MO)    Adams State   
 2002    38   ND State        St Augustine's  Adams State     Abilene Chrstn  Ashland       
 2001    37   St Augustine's  Abilene Chrstn  ND State        Cal State LA                  
 2000    34   Abilene Chrstn  ND State        St Augustine's  Gardner-Webb    Adams State   
 1999    31   Abilene Chrstn  St Augustine's  Adams State     ND State        Lewis         
 1998    24   Abilene Chrstn  South Dakota    Lewis           St Augustine's  Adams State   
 1997    26   Abilene Chrstn  St Augustine's  Lincoln (MO)    Lewis           Cal State LA  
 1996    29   Abilene Chrstn  St Augustine's  Western State   UC-Davis                      
                                                              ND State                      
 1995    27   Abilene Chrstn  Adams State     Norfolk St                      St Augustine's
                                              ND State                                      
 1994    22   Abilene Chrstn  Norfolk St      St Augustine's  Adams State     ND State      
 1993    31   Abilene Chrstn  Norfolk St      Cal State LA    Alabama A&M     North Dakota  
 1992    21   Alabama A&M     Abilene Chrstn                  Norfolk St      ND State      
                              Cal State LA                                                  
 1991    26   Abilene Chrstn  St Augustine's  Hampton                         Norfolk St    
                                              SE Missouri St                                
 1990    24   Abilene Chrstn  Norfolk St      Hampton         St Augustine's  NYIT          
 1989    27   Abilene Chrstn  SE Missouri St  Hampton         St Augustine's  Norfolk St    
 1988    25   Abilene Chrstn  Hampton         SE Missouri St  St Augustine's  Air Force     
 1987    23   St Augustine's  Hampton         NYIT            SE Missouri St  Air Force     
                                                                              Southern CT St
 1986     0                                                                                 
 1985    21   St Augustine's  NYIT            S Dakota St     Lincoln (MO)    ND State      
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