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 Year  Teams  Champions       Second Place    Third Place     Fourth Place    Fifth Place   
 2023    78   MIT             WI-La Crosse    John Carroll                    WI-Eau Claire 
 2022    80   WI-Eau Claire   John Carroll    MIT             WI-La Crosse    Rowan         
 2021    78   Wartburg        WI-Eau Claire   WI-Oshkosh      Rowan           WI-La Crosse  
 2019    80   WI-Eau Claire   MIT             Mount Union     WI-Oshkosh      John Carroll  
 2018    90   Mount Union     North Cent-IL   Rowan           Benedictine IL  Rensselaer    
 2017    87   WI-La Crosse    WI-Whitewater   Mount Union     Benedictine IL  SUNY Cortland 
                                                                              WI-Eau Claire 
 2016    81   WI-La Crosse    WI-Eau Claire   Monmouth (IL)   WI-Platteville  WI-Whitewater 
 2015    82   WI-La Crosse    WI-Eau Claire   WI-Whitewater   Salisbury       St. Olaf      
 2014    82   Mount Union     WI-La Crosse    North Cent-IL   WI-Oshkosh      Augustana (IL)
 2013    79   WI-La Crosse    WI-Eau Claire   WI-Oshkosh      WI-Whitewater   North Cent-IL 
 2012    84   McMurry         WI-La Crosse    WI-Stout        WI-Oshkosh      North Cent-IL 
 2011    82   North Cent-IL   WI-La Crosse    McMurry         WA-St. Louis    La Verne      
 2010    85   North Cent-IL   Salisbury       WI-La Crosse    MIT             Springfield   
                                                                              Wheaton (MA)  
 2009    81   WI-Oshkosh      McMurry         St. Thomas-MN   Salisbury       WI-La Crosse  
 2008    81   McMurry         SUNY Cortland   Whitworth       Mount Union     St. Thomas-MN 
 2007    79   WI-La Crosse    SUNY Cortland   Monmouth (IL)   St. John's-MN                 
 2006    70   WI-La Crosse    Lincoln (PA)    WI-Whitewater   McMurry                       
 2005    71   Lincoln (PA)    WI-La Crosse    NE Wesleyan     Willamette      North Cent-IL 
 2004    77   WI-La Crosse    NE Wesleyan     Willamette                      Lincoln (PA)  
 2003    71   WI-La Crosse    Lincoln (PA)    WI-Oshkosh      NE Wesleyan     WI-Platteville
 2002    74   WI-La Crosse    Calvin          Lincoln (PA)    WI-Stevens Pnt  Wheaton (MA)  
 2001    74   WI-La Crosse    Lincoln (PA)    Frostburg St                    Calvin        
                                              WI-Stevens Pnt                                
 2000    76   Lincoln (PA)    North Cent-IL   Central (IA)    WI-La Crosse    WI-Oshkosh    
 1999    79   Lincoln (PA)    Pacific Luth.   NE Wesleyan     Mount Union     WI-Oshkosh    
 1998    68   North Cent-IL   Lincoln (PA)    Mount Union     WI-La Crosse    Rowan         
 1997    70   WI-La Crosse    Lincoln (PA)    Mount Union     WI-Stevens Pnt  Chris. Newport
                                                                              North Cent-IL 
 1996    73   Lincoln (PA)    Williams        NE Wesleyan     Augustana (IL)  WI-Stout      
 1995    70   Lincoln (PA)    Williams        North Cent-IL   Albany          Augustana (IL)
 1994    72   North Cent-IL   WI-La Crosse    NE Wesleyan     Lincoln (PA)    Albany        
 1993    67   WI-La Crosse    Lincoln (PA)    St. Thomas-MN   North Cent-IL   Montclair St  
 1992    64   WI-La Crosse    Lincoln (PA)    St. Thomas-MN   Montclair St    NE Wesleyan   
 1991    63   WI-La Crosse    Lincoln (PA)    NE Wesleyan     Calvin                        
                                                              St. Thomas-MN                 
 1990    65   Lincoln (PA)    WI-Oshkosh      NE Wesleyan     WI-Eau Claire   North Cent-IL 
 1989    74   North Cent-IL   Lincoln (PA)    WI-La Crosse    Calvin          Loras         
 1988    72   WI-La Crosse    Lincoln (PA)    North Cent-IL   Frostburg St    Simpson       
 1987    69   Frostburg St    Lincoln (PA)    St. Lawrence                    Denison       
                                              WI-La Crosse                                  
 1986    72   Frostburg St    Lincoln (PA)                    St. Thomas-MN   Mount Union   
                              WI-La Crosse                                                  
 1985    75   Lincoln (PA)    WI-La Crosse    St. Thomas-MN   Occidental      Frostburg St  
 1984    85   Rowan           Mount Union     St. Thomas-MN   Pomona-Pitzer   Lincoln (PA)  
 1983    95   Rowan           Hamline         Mount Union     Lincoln (PA)    Pomona-Pitzer 
 1982    87   Rowan           Hamline         Southern-NO     CS Stanislaus   Baldwin-Wall. 
 1981    62   Rowan           Augustana (IL)  North Cent-IL   Southern-NO     Pomona-Pitzer 
 1980    61   Rowan           CS Stanislaus   Southern-NO     Augustana (IL)  Hamline       
                                                                              North Cent-IL 
 1979    58   Slippery Rock   Rowan           Hamline         Frostburg St    Southern-NO   
 1978    73   Occidental      Rowan           Doane           Southern-NO     Hamline       
 1977    60   Southern-NO     Occidental      CS Stanislaus   Ashland         Morehouse     
 1976    65   Southern-NO     Brandeis        Fisk            Westmont        Pomona-Pitzer 
 1975    62   Southern-NO     Augustana (IL)  CS State Chico                  Ashland       
                                              Mount Union                                   
 1974    54   Ashland         Southern-NO     Mount Union     Fisk            Pomona-Pitzer 
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