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Division 2 Wrestling : Champions : Schools : Streaks

 Year  Teams  Champions       Second Place    Third Place     Fourth Place    Fifth Place   
 2022    47   NE-Kearney      Central OK      West Liberty    St. Cloud St    Adams State   
 2021    37   St. Cloud St    NE-Kearney      Lindenwood      West Liberty    McKendree     
 2019    56   St. Cloud St    Wheelng Jesuit  McKendree       Notre Dame-OH   NE-Kearney    
 2018    52   St. Cloud St    Notre Dame-OH   Cal Baptist     Upper Iowa      Ashland       
 2017    44   Notre Dame-OH   St. Cloud St    Cal Baptist     NE-Kearney      McKendree     
 2016    48   St. Cloud St    Notre Dame-OH   NE-Kearney      Pitt Johnstown  Maryville (MO)
 2015    48   St. Cloud St    NE-Kearney      Maryville (MO)  Mercyhurst      Ouachita Bapt.
 2014    42   Notre Dame-OH   NE-Kearney      Maryville (MO)  Ouachita Bapt.  Central OK    
 2013    45   NE-Kearney      St. Cloud St    Notre Dame-OH   Central OK      Upper Iowa    
 2012    42   NE-Kearney      St. Cloud St    Findlay                         Newberry      
                                              Grand Canyon                                  
 2011    41   Nebraska-Omaha  St. Cloud St    Augustana (SD)  Upper Iowa      Western State 
 2010    39   Nebraska-Omaha  Augustana (SD)  NE-Kearney                      WI-Parkside   
                                              Upper Iowa                                    
 2009    30   Nebraska-Omaha  Newberry        MN St-Mankato   NE-Kearney      Adams State   
 2008    31   NE-Kearney      MN St-Mankato   Nebraska-Omaha  Pitt Johnstown  Adams State   
 2007    31   Central OK      NE-Kearney      Nebraska-Omaha  MN St-Mankato   Adams State   
 2006    30   Nebraska-Omaha  NE-Kearney      Shippensburg    Central OK      MN St-Mankato 
 2005    31   Nebraska-Omaha  Augustana (SD)  MN St-Mankato   Pitt Johnstown  Findlay       
 2004    30   Nebraska-Omaha  ND State        Central OK      Western State   Pitt Johnstown
 2003    33   Central OK      NE-Kearney      Nebraska-Omaha  ND State        Findlay       
 2002    32   Central OK      ND State        S Dakota St     Ashland         Nebraska-Omaha
 2001    33   ND State        S Dakota St     Central OK                      CO St-Pueblo  
 2000    31   ND State        Central OK      Nebraska-Omaha  S Dakota St     Pitt Johnstown
 1999    34   Pitt Johnstown  Nebraska-Omaha  Central OK      CO St-Pueblo    S Dakota St   
 1998    34   ND State        S Dakota St     Pitt Johnstown  Central OK      CO St-Pueblo  
 1997    34   San Fran. St    Nebraska-Omaha  Central OK      S Dakota St     Pitt Johnstown
 1996    32   Pitt Johnstown  Central OK      Nebraska-Omaha  S Dakota St     Northern CO   
 1995    35   Central OK      Nebraska-Omaha  ND State        Pitt Johnstown  S Dakota St   
 1994    34   Central OK      MN St-Mankato   Nebraska-Omaha  S Dakota St     ND State      
 1993    33   Central OK      Nebraska-Omaha  ND State        North Dakota    Ashland       
 1992    31   Central OK      ND State                        Northern CO     CO St-Pueblo  
                              Portland State                                                
 1991    36   Nebraska-Omaha  Central OK      Northern CO     ND State        Portland State
 1990    34   Portland State  Central OK      North Dakota    Nebraska-Omaha  ND State      
 1989    34   Portland State  Ferris State    Nebraska-Omaha                  Pitt Johnstown
                                              ND State                                      
 1988    32   ND State        Nebraska-Omaha  S IL Edwards.   Ferris State    North Dakota  
 1987    35   CS Bakersfield  S IL Edwards.   ND State        North Dakota    Nebraska-Omaha
 1986    31   S IL Edwards.   Edinboro        CS Bakersfield  ND State        Liberty       
 1985    34   S IL Edwards.   Nebraska-Omaha  Augustana (SD)  Ashland         Edinboro      
 1984    38   S IL Edwards.   CS Bakersfield  ND State        Morgan State    Northern MI   
 1983    36   CS Bakersfield  ND State        Nebraska-Omaha  S IL Edwards.   Portland State
 1982    44   CS Bakersfield  ND State        S IL Edwards.   Nebraska-Omaha  Ashland       
 1981    45   CS Bakersfield  Eastern IL      Nebraska-Omaha  Humboldt State  ND State      
 1980    41   CS Bakersfield  Northern Iowa   Eastern IL      Augustana (SD)  Northern MI   
 1979    36   CS Bakersfield  Eastern IL      Northern Iowa   S IL Edwards.   Augustana (SD)
 1978    36   Northern Iowa   CS Bakersfield  Eastern IL      Augustana (SD)  S IL Edwards. 
 1977    40   CS Bakersfield  Augustana (SD)  Northern Iowa   Eastern IL      ND State      
 1976    43   CS Bakersfield  TN-Chattanooga  Northern Iowa   MN St-Mankato   ND State      
 1975    43   Northern Iowa   S IL Edwards.   TN-Chattanooga  ND State        San Fran. St  
 1974    41   Cal Poly        Northern Iowa   S IL Edwards.   ND State        Bloomsburg    
 1973    84   Cal Poly        Clarion         ND State        Northern Iowa   Wilkes        
 1972    78   Cal Poly        ND State                        Slippery Rock   Clarion       
                              Northern Iowa                                                 
 1971    58   Cal Poly        Slippery Rock   MN St-Mankato   ND State        E. Stroudsburg
 1970    59   Cal Poly        Northern Iowa   SUNY Maritime   S Dakota St     MN St-Mankato 
 1969    49   Cal Poly        Northern CO     Northern Iowa   Portland State  MN St-Moorhead
 1968    59   Cal Poly        Portland State  S Dakota St     MN St-Mankato   Wilkes        
 1967    53   Portland State  MN St-Mankato   Northern Iowa   Colorado Mines                
                                                              Illinois State                
                                                              Western State                 
 1966    48   Cal Poly        Wilkes          Portland State  MN St-Mankato   Augustana (IL)
 1965    30   MN St-Mankato   Cal Poly        Western State   Northern IL     S Dakota St   
 1964    30   Western State   Colorado Mines  Southern IL     MN St-Mankato   West Chester  
 1963    16   Western State   Southern IL     Northern Iowa   S Dakota St     Cornell Coll. 
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